Paul Slansky
6 min readFeb 28, 2022

February 21–27, 2022

A conference of dunces

Bannon, Steve

theory of that Greta Thunberg is responsible for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine because … why exactly?

Barr, William

no need to buy 600-page book by, as any great tidbits — like this one about a meeting in which Trump, enraged at public statement by saying there was no evidence of voter fraud, screamed, “This is killing me — killing me. This is pulling the rug right out from under me. You must hate Trump. You would only do this if you hate Trump” — will be more than adequately reported by media

Republican party is urged by to move on from Trump and find someone unburdened by “erratic personal behavior”

Boebert, Rep. Lauren (R-CO)

suggestion that maybe the U.S. should invade Canada and “liberate” it from Trudeau is offered by

Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin

lack of enthusiasm of for charging Trump with crimes prompts resignation of two prosecutors and widespread suspicion among the public of payoffs or threats to

Carlson, Tucker

failure of to comprehend why so many people hate one of the two or three worst living tyrants

long list of various ways that Putin didn’t diminish quality of life of is querulously offered by in that insufferable high-pitched whine

pro-Putin comments are walked back by


description of by Michelle Cottle as “a multi-day fringe fest featuring some of the most outrageous players on the political right”

“Let’s go Brandon” is endlessly repeated at as if it was clever instead of puerile

one grievance-filled speech after another, with themes like “Fire Fauci” and “Lock Her Up FOR REAL,” inspire reference to by many people as “Whinestock”

Cotton, Sen. Tom (R-AR)

refusal of to say a bad word about, let alone condemn, Trump’s schoolgirl crush on Putin

Flynn, Mike

Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine is evaluated by as a “strategic, historic, and geographic play”